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A.S. Waterman

January 2008

The Year in Review(s), and More

What a year it's been! Since we launched in January of 2007, we have published 88 reviews and registered 68 theatrical and/or training organizations. Our site has racked up scores of hits -- for example, 1240 people viewed our audition notices in the month of December alone.

We've also fought off some cyber attacks and repeatedly chased some spammers off of the site. (If you weren't aware of that effort, I guess we did our job well.) We've made scores of announcements, helped some new theatre groups get started, and even generated some controversy (which is a good thing). We've succeeded in -- and exceeded -- our goal of accepting no advertising for at least six months. And, most importantly, we've received many messages of thanks from people who find our site helpful, and from the theatrical community that it supports.

One year ago, we were fighting an uphill battle, worried about our ability to survive and to serve. Now we can barely recall that this was ever in question. Thank you, everyone!

Well, now that we're comfortably established, it's time to honor the annual tradition among publishers, and name what we think are the year's ten best accomplishments in our field of interest. So here goes, in no particular order --

2007's 10 Best Accomplishments within the Louisville Theatre Community:

  • The opening of the beautiful new theatre space in the historic Henry Clay Building
  • Theatre Alliance of Louisville's unified auditions
  • The Humana Festival of New American Plays
  • The ever-growing number of independent theatre groups in Louisville
  • Press nights, and the fact that theatre reviewers are welcomed (indeed, demanded) everywhere
  • The MeX, allowing small, independent productions to be staged in the Kentucky Center for the Performing Arts
  • The merger of with the former
  • Student productions of all types
  • Theatre groups willing to cast new talent, including both students and "late-bloomer" adults
  • The amazing wealth of talent and creativity in and around Louisville

Yes, it's also traditional to list the year's 10 worst, but we couldn't think of 10 bad things about Louisville theatre, which is perhaps the 11th good thing. Our theatre community is like no other, and that's a wonderful thing also. We have so much to be proud of!

Here's to ringing in another great year.


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