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A.S. Waterman

January 2009

No Thanks to the New "Deal"

I don't know about you, but I'm tired of hearing about belt tightening. And I'm tired of hearing that the arts are expendable, and also about ways to finagle ticket-price "deals" at the box office. Those who advocate asking for discounted ticket "deals" from the big guys have no idea how much they're hurting the little guys, and especially hurting the smaller theatres that don't have six- and seven-figure budgets.

The fact is that most smaller theatres manage to operate within their budgets, and that includes the theatres that basically have no budgets, instead following a bring-your-own (costumes, props, etc.) business model. If the largest ones haven't learned this lesson, then they should, and should perhaps also consider spending that budget money in the community that donated it rather than parceling it out to companies in New York and beyond. Smaller theatres also manage to keep their ticket prices reasonable without resorting to "deals" and still put on a fine show by and for Kentuckiana.

To the politicians and execs who say the arts are expendable, when was the last time you went to a live production? Let's hope you understand what it is that you would take away from your constituents. To the donors who blithely write out checks to those who already have astounding amounts of income, did you ask how your contribution will be used, and how much of it stays here? To those of you who didn't know that there are more than 50 theatre groups in our area, please click on the Theatre Guide and Coming Attractions links at the left.

And to all of the people who give of their time, resources and talent to make Kentuckiana theatre great — thank you.

— A.S. Waterman

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