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TheatreLouisville February Editorial:

As we gradually restore our editorial archives, we're gratified to see how many of the things we called for in the early years have come to pass. Classical theatre ... women directors ... diversified season offerings ... all were a rarity when we began publishing ten years ago and are now a commonplace. New performance venues have opened up, and the spirit of cooperation has thrived. And Louisville is still listening. Over the past few weeks, the Courier-Journal Arts section has replaced its huge, meaningless graphics with relevant and informative ones, and its section header no longer says "Oarts."

For other changes, such as copy-edited reviews and playbills, along with the abolition of the ever-tedious "curtain" speech, we remain hopeful. As for adequate legroom at the Brown Theatre, and public funding for independent theatre ... well, probably not. But Kentuckiana theatre people continue to make great strides by speaking out and by listening to one another. Here's to all the progress we'll make in the next ten years!

- A.S. Waterman
Published Feb. 1, 2017


Artwork and text are copyright © 2006 and 2017 A.S. Waterman.
All rights reserved.