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A.S. Waterman

March-April 2007

Can you believe that has only been in existence for two short months? Yet we have an amazing 27 theatres and training organizations who have signed up to upload their information, as well as a lengthy list of Peer Reviews that grows longer by the day. StageLab was the first to sign up, followed quickly by Actors Theatre of Louisville, and then many more. We've also received well (or, rather, "break a leg") wishes from our mentors, Larry Stark of Boston's Theater Mirror (he writes, "I'm feeling like a New Parent!") and Juree James of New England Theater 411, as well as notes of appreciation from Actors Theatre, Walden and Wayward Actors, among others.

Now, it's my turn to offer special thanks to all who have made this possible. First and foremost, warmest thanks to our fabulous web programmer, Norman Bell of SoftCon Internet, who built this web site, did all of the very complex programming, and made it look beautiful. Special thanks to Julia Leist, who somehow found us even before the site went live, offered her services and became our first Peer Reviewer. Thanks to Todd Zeigler, Debbie Ward, Kevin Temple and David DeSpain, who have been out making the rounds and reviewing productions far and wide, and to Niles Welch, who has spent countless hours making phone calls, setting up review dates and keeping track of who is supposed to be where, when and how. And many, many thanks to the countless theatres who have welcomed our reviewers, followed our reviews, and even yelled at us to schedule a reviewer when we hadn't. That means more to us than you can possibly know. The past two months have been an amazingly rewarding experience.

Kentuckiana theatres, theatrical trainers, performing arts schools, and suppliers of costuming, props and other services, please continue to upload your listings, and call on us any time you need help. Theatres, please continue to welcome our reviewers, as you have since the beginning. Can we promise that you'll always get a glowing review? Of course not. But we can promise that the review will be published -- not bumped for breaking news, hastily trimmed to save space, or left on the electronic cutting board.

We're also eager to welcome more Peer Reviewers. Interested writers, I hope you'll read our guidelines and then contact us, ready to help us continue to build a reputation that will make us all proud.

So here we are -- growing, learning, and helping to advance the outstanding success of an incredibly diverse, accomplished and extraodinarily gifted theatrical community.

Thank you all. And welcome to

Published Mar. 1, 2007


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