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A.S. Waterman

July 2009

Hail and Farewell

When I launched TheatreLouisville in December of 2006, I didn't know what to expect. I saw a need for a user-supported web site for and about theatre, and I hoped for modest participation. What has happened in that short time span, however, has been astounding. As of this morning, we have 140 registered users, new listings go up almost daily, and the local print and broadcast media now look to us for theatre information, as do scores of actors, visitors to Kentuckiana, and theatre fans area-wide. All of our readers, users and participating theatres should share in the credit for this amazing success.

With success, however, comes responsibility, and specifically the obligation to take this web site to its next level. That requires a new perspective, and that means it's time to turn over the leadership to someone else — certainly with some sadness, but mostly with excitement about what TheatreLouisville's future can be.

Sherry Deatrick probably has the strongest list of credentials of anyone in our group of peer reviewers, having come to us after several years as the lead theatre reviewer for LEO, Louisville's second-largest newspaper. She has studied acting, although she chose not to perform. She has been invited to prestigious reviewer conferences around the country, and is a professional journalist, authoring a regular column in a renowned international journal. Most importantly, she loves theatre as much as I do.

Sherry takes the helm of TheatreLouisville as of July 1, 2009. I hope you will join me in offering her your support and best wishes for many more years of growth and success.

— A.S. Waterman

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Hail Fellows, Well Met!

I am honored that A.S. Waterman chose me as the successor in "womaning" the helm of

When I first started out in theater as a playwright and actor back in the old days, there were few opportunities for those interested in theater. We've seen a tremendous growth in the performing arts throughout our region over the past three decades. The challenge of staying afloat during these rough seas looms large for most companies. I hope this website can continue the founder's mission of serving the theater community and sparking audience interest in getting out to see a show... to try something new.

I welcome suggestions and input from both sides of the stage — from theatergoers as well as those who make it happen. My goal is to fulfill the founder's original vision for this website to include other types of arts organizations under one umbrella. Ease of use for the consumer and the provider is a major focus.

As a 2007 Fellow at the NEA/USC Annenberg School of Journalism's Institute for Theater Criticism, I developed relationships with critics and theater professionals across the United States. I look forward to sharing with you some of their ideas and insights in the months ahead.

I am sure you will join me in wishing A.S. Waterman the best and expressing gratitude for creating and maintaining this site as a labor of love over the last three years.

Now, on with the shows!


— Sherry R. Deatrick

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