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TheatreLouisville August 2017 Commentary 2:
Theatres, We Need Your Info!

The third week of August is normally when we'd see the Courier-Journal's Fall Arts Guide. We didn't. And we won't. According to the CJ's Gege Reed, they "are not doing the fall arts calendar this year." This is a great loss to the arts community. LEO hasn't published one either*, which means that TheatreLouisville may be the only source for comprehensive theatre listings in the Louisville area. It isn't a distinction that we want.

Let's not go back to the days when there were multiple and even concurrent productions of the same show because no one knew what anyone else was doing ... when we missed out on the perfect audition because we didn't know to plan for it ... and when we fought over time slots and actors instead of helping one another out.

Please, send us your 2017-18 season info ASAP: -- but before you do that, please contact the CJ and make your feelings known. You can find a comment form here:, and a staff listing here:

Your next season depends on you!

- A.S. Waterman
Published August 24, 2017

*CORRECTION: LEO's arts guide can be viewed here. Not all local theatre groups are listed.


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